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Dave Edwards-Smith ART, NSCA-CPT, CMT

Why Seek and Active Release Techniques Provider
For discomfort, aches or pains, numbness or restricted mobility that effect your fitness program, daily activity or sleep.


What Does an Active Release Techniques Provider Do?
Treats restrictive muscle, nerve, tendon or ligaments by combining a precise hands on contact with tension and active motion.
        Why is an ART Treatment Different?
Treatment is very specific according to your presented case.
        There are over 500 protocols considered for your treatment.
        Results are tested and retested.

  • ART is a manual therapy with a medical patent that redefines hands           on therapy.
  • Dave Edwards-Smith provides assessment information that you can understand.
  • Typical ART cases are closed within 2-6 treatments.
  • Motion pattern screening, training and incorporation into your fitness           program.

Here's the Plan


1. Restore function to tissue


2. Assess your strengths and weakness with movement


3. Corrective exercise to address exposed weakness


4. Build or assess your work out program